Domestic Wifi for farmhouse

Alex Mags
Visited my brother-in-law’s farmhouse. It was built around 1740, long before the internets, or domestic electricity for that matter! The problem: WiFi didn’t extend far from the internet company’s hub in one corner of the house. This made working from home difficult. The fix: I installed a Powerline Wifi extender. Devices in plug sockets create a layer-2 network using the house mains power cabling. You can then install additional wireless access points in other locations around the house for WiFi and ethernet.

Ultimate accessory for standing desk

Alex Mags
Like many I’ve been working from home for a while. I use a standing desk and a recent and best accessory purchase is, believe it or not, footware. These are fugly but they’re sooo comfortable! I can stand for longer with this soft footware and its well out of sight of conf call camera 😊. Other bits I’m finding useful for a standing desk setup are: Cable management spine from desk to floor

Work from anywhere?

Alex Mags
Update: THIS WAS 2015 AND PRE COVID… I’ve been reading about how distributed companies are operating. Companies with their servers running in the cloud don’t need a server room, or Office premises at all it seems. And there’s lots of them. Wired article about Automatic, the company behind WordPress Lots of information at this clever URL Article about how Buffer do distributed working The Pros and Cons of Remote Work in Ops As a worker wouldn’t you like to skip the commuting?