Domestic Wifi for farmhouse

Alex Mags
Visited my brother-in-law’s farmhouse. It was built around 1740, long before the internets, or domestic electricity for that matter! The problem: WiFi didn’t extend far from the internet company’s hub in one corner of the house. This made working from home difficult. The fix: I installed a Powerline Wifi extender. Devices in plug sockets create a layer-2 network using the house mains power cabling. You can then install additional wireless access points in other locations around the house for WiFi and ethernet.

Windows Network List Manager

Alex Mags
Hide Select a location for the network When you deploy Windows 7 you get a prompt: “Select a location for the network”. Laptop users also see this when they connect to a new network or WIFI service. You must pick the local network type. This helps Windows firewall decide if the local network is trusted (Private) or untrusted (Public). Rather than leave this as a manual choice for PC deployment staff and laptop users, you can automate this.