Firewall policy as code with Hashicorp Terraform

Alex Mags

Azure badger “in the style of a pixar movie poster, draw a friendly badger configuring a firewall with code” - bing chat

Hashicorp Terraform is a tool for managing infrastructure as code. You describe the desired state in versioned text files and the Terraform tool will drag your infrastructure into that state. Sometimes it feels like creating the code takes longer than just using the admin GUI to get something done. Sometimes it’s MUCH faster… This post describes adding 300 address ranges to a network security rule in just one line. How to create a terraform list from a text file.

Hashicorp Terraform for Infrastructure as Code

Alex Mags
Terraform is a tool by Hashicorp (who do Vagrant, Packer and other ops tools). You maintain a single configuration file and it trues up your environment, creating and deleting machines, to match the configuration file. Their products are coming together into a cohesive suite. The first part describes the Terraform product. At 30 mins there’s a description of “DevOps” (that cuts through much of the BS). Basically: Developers care about: