Domestic Wifi for farmhouse

Farmhouse built circa 1740 This post is about extending Wifi in my brother-in-law’s ancient farmhouse.

Visited my brother-in-law’s farmhouse. It was built around 1740, long before the internets, or domestic electricity for that matter!

  • The problem: WiFi didn’t extend far from the internet company’s hub in one corner of the house. This made working from home difficult.
  • The fix: I installed a Powerline Wifi extender. Devices in plug sockets create a layer-2 network using the house mains power cabling. You can then install additional wireless access points in other locations around the house for WiFi and ethernet.
  • The result: Worked great. These things are really cheap now too.

Amazon: TPlink Powerline Wifi Extender Amazon: TPlink Powerline Wifi Extender

Update July 2022: I’ve deployed TP-Link AV1000s at home to extend WiFi to garden. Was easy to add multiple WiFi access points.