SCCM CMTrace and OneTrace

Tailing log files

You found this page because you’re looking for SCCM CMTrace to work with log files? Hope this post helps you.

Working with log files

Once in a while you come across some app that writes debugging information to a text file. Text files/log files can be opened in a text editor like Notepad, but sometimes you want to watch or tail the end of the log file live as the application is writing to it. Microsoft had a tool called CMTrace which came with Microsoft System Centre Configuration Manager (SCCM). Administrators of this software have to deal with a lot of log files when troubleshooting problems with clients, software inventory and software distribution. CMTrace would automatically refresh as new lines are added to the end of the log files. Interesting lines with the words WARNING or ERROR would be highlighted to make them stand out.

OneTrace replaces CMTrace

Newer versions of Configuration manager have an updated log viewing tool called OneTrace. It replaces CMTrace. Follow these steps to get hold of it and try it out:

  1. Download Configuration Manager Current Branch from the Microsoft Evaluation Center
  2. Extract from within the downloaded Zip file this Microsoft Installer (MSI): SMSSetup\tools\supportCentre\SupportCentreInstaller\SupportCenterInstaller.msi
  3. Install the Support Centre tools using the MSI. You’ll find OneTrace in the Start Menu and installed here “C:\Program Files (x86)\Configuration Manager Support Center\CMPowerLogViewer.exe”

That’s it. This article describes the tool. It has tabs when working with multiple files, and a useful search/filter tool if you know what text/phrases/filenames you’re looking for.