Career break

Travel I fancied a break and change of workplace. So my wife and I both resigned from our jobs and we’re taking the summer off. 😎

The plan is:

  • A few trips abroad hiking, exploring the south of France, and visiting friends and relatives in France and Sweden.
  • Spending more time with friends and family
  • Doing touristy things in London and UK that we otherwise never get around to doing
  • Go to some music festivals
  • DIY and construction projects at home
  • Self study to get up to date on the latest tech and get some new IT certifications

Will be back at it in late September. Meanwhile, here’s a view from a hike around the Calanques (fjords) near Cassis, France.

If you have savings, or you’re lucky enough to have an employer that will fund a paid sabbatical, I would recommend it. Life is too short. YOLO!

We loved these hiking tours: